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Check Imaging

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Tired of your software maintenance costs going up while continuing to operate an outdated imaging system?  Are your competitors passing you by with new features and customer services your bank can’t offer with your current software?  Focus Financial Systems offers the newest generation Check and Document Imaging Solutions at affordable prices.  No financial institution is too small to benefit from the latest imaging solutions.  Focus Financial Systems provides cost effective and scalable configurations that allow institutions of any size to capitalize on this exciting technology!

Highlights include:

  • Check Image and On-Line Statements
  • Reduction in Postage Costs
  • Document Image, storage and retrieval of Loan Documents, Signature Cards, etc.
  • Complete File Folder Imaging
  • Fast, Easy and Efficient item retrieval and research
  • Portray a professional image to your customers
  • Dedicated to the Community Bank

To learn more about how Focus Financial Systems’ Imaging Solutions can help your bank save time and money along with increasing customer satisfaction, simply contact us today!