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Core Processing

Increasing profitability in today’s competitive marketplace depends on your bank’s ability to efficiently transform raw customer data into useful and meaningful information in order to make timely and accurate decisions.  Future success is dependent upon not only the efficient handling of normal day-to-day transactions, but also the flexibility to adapt to the needs of your current and potential customers.  Focus Financial Systems can help your bank reach these goals by providing completely integrated core account processing systems powered by sophisticated accounting software through a simply, easy to use, and intuitive operational environment.

Some of the advanced features include:

  • Central Information File (CIF) with Photo ID’s and Signature Cards
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for cross selling and reporting
  • Powerful data exchange with PC applications (Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.)
  • Customized Report Writer with mathematical functions, sorting, and more
  • Extensive Parameterization for customization and ongoing management
  • Complete Deposit application including IRA, HSA accounts
  • Complete Flexible Loan application supporting all types of loans, payment plans, home equity, participations, and secondary market reporting (Freddie and Fannie)

Having a Powerful, Flexible, and Easy to Use core account processing system may be the most important decision you will make and is crucial to your bank’s Profitability, Competitiveness and Overall Future Success!

Take a closer look at how Focus Financial Systems can help your bank reach these goals by simply contacting us today!