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Social Media Services

Focus Financial's Social Media Services 763-494-6696Almost everyone is doing social media these days, from old to young. Facebook just passed the half-billion mark in number of active users. Twitter, websites, and blogs continue to be the mainstay platforms for social media marketing. And geo-tagging devices, such as iPhones and Droid phones, are taking social media by storm.

Should banks be actively involved as well? Absolutely. Study after study confirm that people gain confidence from and trust interactions they have with real people at organizations such as banks. Anything you can do to build trust with your customers constitutes effective marketing.

As such, with our partner FunCitySocialMedia, we offer custom social media platforms along with training to make your designated bank employees the perfect spokespeople for your products and services:

  1. Facebook Fan Pages
  2. Websites
  3. Blogs
  4. Twitter Setups
  5. iPhone Apps
  6. YouTube Channels
  7. Virtual Billboards

We offer training and launch “boosts” as well, to get you going on a customized social media marketing plan that is right for you and your customers.

Talk to us about your needs, and we will create a package just for your bank that will give you a quick and effective launch into the world of social media marketing.